Hot Springs


Just over an hour's drive from Fairfield, or a couple of hours by bicycle if you are feeling energetic, are the Tsenkher Hot Springs. If you are feeling a little bruised or achy from your travels, horse riding, bouncing over Mongolian roads, then an hour or two in the springs is just the ticket for you!  

There are 5 or 6 different operators at the hot springs who offer a range of standards of service.  We are happy to make arrangements for you, and find a driver to take you there and back. 

You may stay the night in one of the tourist camps there, and enjoy a meal, or you can simply go, enjoy your soak, and return to Fairfield again to enjoy another night on comfortable mattresses and warm duvets. 

When there, make sure you take a stroll to the source of the springs.  The walk along the foot of the mountain, in the edge of the forest, is beautiful, full of wildlife and at the right time of year, abundant with wild strawberries.

A GPS Track from Fairfield to the Hot Springs, and a Google Map link is available on our GPS Library.