Pizza and Take-away

Fairfield Cafe is the first (and currently only) place you can order Pizza and 'Chicken and Chips' in Arkhangai, and most of countryside Mongolia.  Not only that, we are proud to serve our pizza up to our Italian guests - this is the real deal!

PizzaPizza SupremePizza chicken and chipsChicken and chips

All Fairfield's pizzas are prepared with our secret sauces, herbs and spices which guarantee the exceptional taste.  Two sizes - a large sized 13" pizza, and a single-serve 8" pizza.  All large pizzas are served with a free 900m coke or equivalent.  

Large Pizzas (13")

Hawaiian Pizza - Ham, Pineapple, Onion and Cheese.  25,000 MNT.

Meat Lover's Pizza - Thinly sliced beef, salami, bacon, tomato, onion, garlic and cheese.  25,000 MNT.

Vegetarian Pizza - Spinach, tomato, capsicum (peppers), onion, garlic and cheese.  25,000 MNT.

Supreme Pizza - The pizza with the works!  Beef, salami, tomato, onion, garlic, spinach, capsicum (peppers).  33,000 MNT.

Small Pizzas (8")

All small pizzas 8000 MNT.

Chicken and chips

Fairfield crumbed chicken drumsticks and chips, served with our special sauce make for a great take-away meal, or eat in and enjoy our table service. 

2 chicken drumsticks and chips - 10,000 MNT

3 chicken drumsticks and chips - 13,500 MNT