About Fairfield

Fairfield is here to support this community of Arkhangai. First and foremost, we offer year-round employment to as many locals as possible.  Year round permanent employment is very difficult to find, and as a result there is a huge migration of countryside folk to Ulaanbaatar seeking employment opportunities.  We endeavour to provide stability for our staff, which in turn often provides stability to an entire family.  

Our stated 'vision' is:

"Fairfield’s purpose and vision is to provide stable and year-round employment for people of Arkhangai; to help young people of this region to find a vision and purpose for their future in Arkhangai; to provide a high level of customer satisfaction in all facets of the business; and to glorify God in all that we do."

Our profitable season is the short summertime, but our commitment to our staff is to employ throughout the entire year, so we work hard to make a profit through the summer and then seek to generate whatever income we can to cover the shortfall through the remainder of the year, endeavouring to still retain a small profit at year's end.

Further to support for our staff, we endeavour to support as many local businesses and individual operators as possible, ranging from horse guides, nomadic families offering homestays, fishing guides, drivers, translators and the suppliers of the products and services used by Fairfield.  We are committed to providing honest and ethical business opportunities for them, at fair rates. You may be able to find some services at lower rates than we offer at Fairfield, but you can be certain that those who work with us are not being abused or being taken advantage of.  Please support us in this endeavour.  Some call it 'Ethical and Sustainable Tourism', and we simply believe it is the right thing to do!

When you stay with us at Fairfield, or utilise any of our range of services, you too are investing into the livelihoods of the local community of Arkhangai.   Thank you for support in this.