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Travel to Arhangai in Mongolia

Travel Tips

An interesting challenge in Mongolia is that the same name for towns are re-used over and over again.  Please note that even in Arhangai Province there are two towns sharing the name ‘Tsetserleg’.  When catching a bus, or asking a driver to bring you here, you need to ensure you are referring to the correct one.   ‘Tsetserleg Hot’ (Hot translates to city) is safe.  This town is also often simply referred to as ‘Arhangai Aimag’ as it is the provincial capital.   ‘Erdene Bulgan’ is another name used for the town.  Please ensure you are travelling to the right place.

GPS Coordinates

The GPS Coordinates for Fairfield Guesthouse are:
N 47° 28.700’   E 101° 27.470’

Google Maps

Please find Fairfield Guesthouse on Google Maps.  In the map displayed below, the lower right marker is placed on the bus stop, if you arrive by bus from Ulaanbaatar.   The upper left marker, on the blue roof, is FairField Guesthouse, only a 5-6 minute walk from the bus stop.  

From the bus stop, if you do not find a taxi to drop you to Fairfield, cross diagonally across the large roundabout, and walk North (NW) towards the rocky Bulgan Mountain backdropping the town.  Fairfield is the second-last building on the left, about 600m from the bus stop.

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