We love Mongolia. We love Mongolian culture. We love the wild open spaces of Mongolia.  We want to share this with you and assist you to prepare a trip which will allow you experience this amazing country and culture. We have the local knowledge and are happy to make suggestions to help you plan.

We are NOT a regular tour company. We will not publish a tour for a minimum number of people and squash you into a bouncing vehicle for 12 hours a day for 10 days in a row just so you can see as many things as possible in as short a time as possible for the cheapest possible price.  

Please contact us and we can work with you to prepare your ideal adventure. We will prepare an itinerary and costing to suit your group, your interests and your budget. We can plan and book your entire trip in Mongolia, or just the activities you wish to undertake while in Arkhangai.

Please review the following tours as a guide for what you may choose to undertake.

Winter Horse Festival and Khuvsgul Ice Festival Tour

A unique opportunity to experience nomads celebrating their horse culture, then on to the Khuvsgul Ice Festival on the beautiful Khuvsgul Lake. Duration: 12 Days. Feb 24th - March 7th 2020. Cost USD$2350

Gobi Desert Tour

From UB to Arkhangai visiting the key highlights of the incredible Gobi Desert. Tailored for photographers ... Duration: 8 Days. Cost: From USD$1650 per person

Arkhangai Horse Trek and Cultural Immersion Tour

Exploring this region by horse is not only a great way to see the beautiful landscape, it is the best way to become properly immersed in the nomadic culture ... Duration: 8 Days Cost: From USD$500 per person

Arkhangai Naadam and Horse Trek

Experience the Naadam in a provincial capital celebration, where you can experience the full range of performances and events, without the enormous crowds of the UB Naadam. Then head out on horseback ... Duration: 8 days Cost: $550 pp

Tsagaan Nuur / White Lake Tour

Visit Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (White Lake), stopping enroute at Taikher Chuluu and the Chuluut Gorge. Climb the Khorgo Volcano ... Duration: 3 Days. Cost: From USD$225 per person