Equipment Rental

Payment is required in Mongolian Tugriks, but for comparison we have included an estimated conversion into USD and Euros.  Bicycle rental includes helmet, pump, lock, spare tube, and tool kit containing tyre repair items, a multitool for basic repairs and adjustments.   A chain breaker and spare links are available upon request.


BICYCLE Hourly Rental (per hour)

Mongolian Tugriks US Dollar (approx) Euros (approx)
12000 MNT / hour $4.50 / hour €4.00 / hour

BICYCLE Daily Rental

Mongolian Tugriks US Dollar (approx) Euros (approx)
40000 MNT / day $15.30 / day €13.50 / day


BICYCLE Overnight Rental

Mongolian Tugriks US Dollar (approx) Euros (approx)
50000 MNT / day $19.00 / day €16.80 / day


Panniers (one pair) 10,000 / day
GPS 10,000 / day
Tent (two person) 10,000 / night
Tent (four person) 20,000 / night
Sleeping bag 5,000 / night
Sleeping mat 2,000 / night
Gas stove (small compact) ** 5,000 / day
Gas stove (larger) 2,000 / day
Cooking pots and pans 2,000 / day
Hiking poles 2,000 / day
Fishing rod and reel 10,000 / day


**  The small compact gas stoves use the domed style gas canisters, which are available to be purchased from reception.  They are available in 230g and 450g options.  The picture below shows the style of stove and canister available.

Lightweight Gas Stove