Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
The two most common ways to travel between Ulaanbaatar (UB) and Arkhangai are by the public bus service, or by private car. The bus service runs three times per day, and is about an 8 hour trip. The morning service departs at 8am and arrives at around 4pm. The afternoon service departs at 2pm and arrives at around 10pm. The night service departs at 7pm and arrives around 3am. The times are the same in each direction. Fairfield can book bus tickets for you for 28,400 MNT per seat. The bus stops for lunch and toilet breaks along the way. It is a modern coach service and is quite comfortable. A private car and driver is an alternative which allows you to stop enroute at places of interest such as a region of sand dunes (sometimes referred to as the 'Little Gobi') where you can ride camels during the summertime. You may also stop in Kharhorin at the Erdene Zuu Monastery and/or the Kharhorin Museum enroute. Indicative prices are 250,000 MNT for a small car such as a Toyota Prius, up to around 450,000 MNT for a van or larger vehicle.
There are three ways to travel between Fairfield and Tariat, the town on the eastern end of Tsagaan Nuur / White Lake. 1. There is a public bus that runs three times per week - Wed, Fri and Sundays. It leaves Tsetseerleg around 5.30pm and arrives into Tariat after 10pm. Prices are 12000 MNT each. You cannot pre-book tickets, but have to pay the driver direct IF there are seats. It is actually the UB - Tariat service, and tickets are not sold for pickups along the way, but usually there are seats available. 2. Find a driver at the market. We can assist you to do this. There are usually a number of drivers looking for passengers going that way, sometimes in small cars, and sometimes in vans. These are not a public transport service, but private operators. Costs vary from 15,000 - 30,000 MNT per person depending on the driver. No fixed schedule - they leave when they are ready. 3. Book a private driver. This will cost around 300,000 MNT for him to drive you to the lake and deliver you to your ger camp / accommodation. He can stop enroute at those places of interest if you would like to - the cost is the same either way. If you want the driver to stay with you for a few days and bring you back we can assist with preparing an itinerary and costing for you.
There is no public transport to Khuvsgul from here, so the only options are to hitch-hike or book a private driver. It is a long day's trip to get to Murun or Khatgal, so a private driver requires a two-day fare so he is able to return home. Depending on the car and route, the cost will be between 500-600,000 MNT (approx USD$200-240). That cost can be shared amongst the number of passengers travelling, and if return passengers can be found for the return trip, the cost can be shared with the other travellers also.
Yes - we are able to write an official letter of invitation for you to submit along with your visa application.
The dome shaped screw-type gas canisters popular in western countries are very hard to find in Mongolia. We do supply them however, in the 230g and 450g sizes. We also have methylated spirits / denatured alcohol available for purchase for Trangia stoves and similar. Please bring your own fuel container. White Spirits is not available in Mongolia to the best of our knowledge, so multi-fuel stoves such as the MSR range usually burn petrol sourced from petrol stations.
We are Christian people, but our decision to not serve alcohol is not specifically related to our beliefs. We do personally enjoy alcohol in moderation. Alcohol is a major social problem in Mongolia, and in fact it can be quite difficult to find a place to eat or sleep where there are not people drinking. Fairfield's goal is to provide a standard you cannot find elsewhere in countryside Mongolia - western menu cafe, barista coffee, clean premises, comfortable mattresses, English-speaking service ... and a place where you can experience alcohol-free environments. We also support an alcoholic's rehabilitation programme here in Arkhangai. Our goal there is to help those who successfully graduate from the rehab process to find employment. Given all of that, we have strongly committed to maintaining an alcohol free zone here at Fairfield.