What to do in Arkhangai

Horse Trekking

Fairfield's team of horse guides were born in the saddle, love their countryside and culture, and are keen to share their world with you from the back of a horse.

Mountain Bike Touring

Come and explore Mongolia by bicycle. We have quality bikes, and all the equipment required for you to head out and enjoy this amazing, unfenced, go-anywhere-you-like country.


The rivers and lakes in Arkhangai are teeming with Greyling and Lenok, which make for fantastic fishing, and great eating. Our fishing guides have an uncanny knack for knowing where the fish are at any given time.

Hot Springs

Soak out your aches and pains in the hot springs at beautiful Tsenkher Hot Springs


Into geocaching? Want to learn about geocaching? There are a number of geocaches located within reach of Fairfield. Enjoy the challenge of geocaching in this amazing place.


Hiking opportunities abound in Mongolia, but some of the best are right outside our front door in the national park only 500m away!

Yak Herding Cultural Experience

Spend a few days with yak herding nomads, learning about and experiencing their way of life, and about the production of yak wool yarns and products.

Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (White Lake)

Visit Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (White Lake). Visit Taikher Chuluu and the Chuluut Gorge enroute, and climb the Khorgo Volcano. Recommended as a 2-3 day trip.

Traditional Archery

Receive training and compete with your friends in a traditional Mongolian style archery competition. All equipment, and an instructor will be supplied.