Horse Trekking


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Mongolia is a 'horse culture'. Horses are central to nomadic life in the countryside. Exploring this region by horse is not only a great way to see the beautiful landscape, it is the best way to become properly immersed in the nomadic culture. 

Fairfield works closely with a number of nomadic families who host travellers wishing to stay with them, and also to guide horse treks.  We provide riding horses, pack horses, saddlebags and guides.  Usually travellers choose to stay with nomadic families in their gers, but choosing to carry and sleep in tents is entirely optional also.

Required Experience: No experience of horse riding is required.  If you have little or no experience, additional guides will accompany you to provide all the assistance you require.   Our guides will vary the pace and distance of the trek to suit your abilities.   

Short Treks:  If you have two or three days to spend on horseback, our guides will lead you through the foothills of the Khangai mountains, and into the beautiful Tamir River Valley, visiting places of interest such as Taikher Chuluu.  Stay with nomadic families enroute and experience day-to-day life of the nomads, and eat your morning and evening meals with them.

Longer Treks:  If you have 10-12 days for a horse trek, our guides love to take you high up into the Khangai Range to visit an elevated lake called Blue Lake. While the lake is quite beautiful, it is the route up the Tamir River valley that is most exquisite and will leave you with incredible memories of wild beauty, and of wonderful times spent with nomads living well off the beaten track.

Extended Treks:  A trip of 3 weeks or more allows you to range far and wide, taking in the mountains, and also Mongolian landmarks such as the Orkhon Waterfall, and Naiman Nuur (8 lakes national park).

We do not dictate specific routes or trek plans.   Please talk to us about your desires, and we will tailor your trek to suit you and your group.

Costs: Multi-day treks staying with nomadic families generally cost 120,000 MNT per person per day.  This includes transport to and from the launch point, your guide(s), horse rental including all required equipment, pack horses and saddlebags, accommodations with nomadic families and two meals per day.  If you are travelling alone, and head out on a horse trek alone with your guide, the cost will be 160,000 MNT per day as you are unable to share costs with companions.