Horse Sleigh Racing
The ‘Blue Pearl’ Ice Festival on Khuvsgul Lake is arguably the premiere winter festival of Mongolia! March 3-4!
Culture, colour, competition and celebration! Dog sleds, horse sleighs, reindeer, skating, shagai (like ice bowling), curling, motorcycling, ice sculptures, wrestling, song and dance! All on the ice of the stunning Khuvsgul Lake.
Get your group together and get in touch. We’re happy to work your way, providing what you need and nothing more. Accommodation, meals, vehicle and driver, guide, translator, national park entry are all able to be provided by Fairfield Travel. Contact us ASAP to make your arrangements.
Traditional outfits in front of gertReindeerOpening Ceremony DancersIce Sculpture ReindeerIce Festival FireHorsedrawn sled on snowHorse sleds on ice in tandemHorse sled from behind