Fairfield to Murun via Jargalant


  • From: Fairfield, Arkhangai
  • To: Murun, Khuvsgul
  • Via: Tsagaan Nuur, Jargalant, Shine Ider
  • Time Taken: 15.5 hours via Landcruiser
  • Distance: 512km

This route takes you on a paved road north to Tariat town, along the northern shore of White Lake (Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur) before swinging north towards the town of Jargalant (Khuvsgul's Jargalant, not to be mistaken for numerous other towns with the same name within 100km radius).  The valley north to Jargalant is stunningly beautiful, but reasonably slow going.  There is a modern concrete bridge in Jargalant crossing the Ider river.

This route then tracks further west along the northern edge of the river to the next town of Ikh Uul before turning north.   A shorter route is to continue essentially due north from Jargalant towards the town of Shine Ider, and you will eventually rejoin this track as you continue then north towards Murun.  

The road across this high plain is very open and exposed, and the road is very rocky.   Our experience was that there was a lot of water on the road and literally hundreds of small stream crossings.   None overly technically difficult, but decidedly wet, and rocky, and slow.  There is a high pass before you then drop down into Murun, and care needs to be taken on the long downhill run, particularly in wet or snowy conditions.

Note, the route profile provided shows that the route was driven in the opposite direction, from Murun to Arkhangai.   

Two alternative routes from Arkhangai to Khuvsgul are at Fairfield to Murun via Ferry and Fairfield to Murun via Rashant.   Both are significantly faster and easier drives, though they do not take you past Tsagaan Nuur (White Lake).

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Photos from Fairfield to Murun via Jargalant