Fairfield to Orkhon Waterfall Cycling Fig 8 Loop


  • From: Fairfield
  • To: Orkhon Waterfall
  • Via: Tsagaan Sum
  • Time Taken: 4 days by bicycle
  • Distance: 300km

This is a route recorded by a team of fit cyclists over a 4 day period.  There are numerous routes in this area, so any parts of this route can be attempted allowing this basic route to be used for a 3-8 day trip, adding and subtracting from this as needed.   It is a beautiful area with undulations of around 300m between the highest and lowest points (note that the attached profile image makes the hills look a lot bigger than they really are).  Many nomadic families populate the area.  The final destination is the Orkhon Waterfall, but the route visits Tsagaan Sum and Tsenkher Hot Springs enroute.

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Photos from Fairfield to Orkhon Waterfall Cycling Fig 8 Loop