Fairfield to Orkhon Waterfall Direct


  • From: Fairfield Guesthouse
  • To: Orkhon Waterfall
  • Via: Direct
  • Time Taken: 5 hours by landcruiser
  • Distance: 130 kmkm

Note this track was actually recorded in reverse - beginning at Orkhon Waterfall and ending in Arkhangai. There are numerous routes that travel in this direction, so if you end up on a slightly different road, it may not be a major problem ... though watch your direction and decide early.  This route can become quite wet and boggy in some places, particularly as you travel parallel to the river 20km south of Tsenkher township.  (Tsenkher is where the track turns 90° and heads along the paved road to Tsetserleg.)

Another key landmark on this track is the point at which the track crosses the Orkhon river east of the waterfall.  This is the location of a bridge over the river, so many roads converge on this point.   The river can be impassable at other points if there has been rain and the water level is up at all.

This is a beautiful drive, through lush valleys dotted with nomadic families and their gers.   

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