Fairfield to Murun via Rashant


  • From: Fairfield
  • To: Murun
  • Via: Rashant
  • Time Taken: 9 hrs 30 mins by Landcruiser. Snow.
  • Distance: 385 kmkm

There are three main routes if travelling direct from Arkhangai to Murun in Khuvsgul Province.   See also GPS Tracks for Fairfield to Murun via Ferry, and Fairfield to Murun via Jargalant.  This track DOES NOT go via Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (White Lake) but rather follows the lush Khanui Valley through the town of Erdenemandal and another small town named Rashant.  Fuel, food and basic supplies can be picked up in both those towns.   The Khanui valley is dotted with a myriad of ancient historical sites including burial sites, various ritual sites, and most significantly the Jargalantiin Am site containing the world's largest collection of Deer Stones in one location.  Restoration work has been undertaken at this site, and is well worth a visit, but you do need to keep an eye out for it as you can drive past without noticing if you are not paying attention.

From Rashant, the road crosses a mountain range via a number of passes.  Some can be challenging in the wet or the snow.  This route is the most conservative, and is the safest to take if the conditions could be difficult.

Note that I have heard that a new bridge has been constructed over the Ider River NW of Rashant, on the other side of the pass.   This track does not use the new bridge, so I recommend following the most heavily travelled route beyond Rashant as it will undoubtedly take you via the new bridge.

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Photos from Fairfield to Murun via Rashant