The rivers and lakes in Arkhangai are teeming with Greyling and Lennok, which make for fantastic fishing, and great eating.  Our guide, Bayaraa, has an uncanny knack for knowing where the fish are at any given time. In line with our commitment to ethical and sustainable tourism, we always fish with licenses issued by the department of natural resources.

Fishing - Fishing autumn

Fishing autumn

Fishing - Fishing riverside 2

Fishing riverside 2

Fishing - Fishing on Khuvsgul

Fishing on Khuvsgul

Fishing - BenWellsFishing


Fishing - Fishing Guide Squatting

Fishing Guide Squatting

Fishing - Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide

Fishing - Fishing Riverside

Fishing Riverside

Fishing - Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Fishing - Keegan catch 2

Keegan catch 2

Fishing - Keegan catch

Keegan catch

Fishing - Ian Reeling in

Ian Reeling in

Fishing - Murray Catch

Murray Catch