Winter Horse Festival and Khuvsgul Ice Festival Tour


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Duration: 12 days.  Feb 24th - March 7th 2020.

Cost: USD$2350 per person (minimum 6 guests, maximum 8)

Tour summary
Starting and ending in Ulaanbaatar, this is a full service tour focussing on photography. The itinerary revolves around two key events – a horse festival celebrated by nomads in a remote valley far off the tourist trail, and the Khuvsgul Ice Festival which is one of the most significant tourism events of the winter season.

The herdsmen of the Tsakhir Valley have realised that individually, they are unable to adequately protect their horse herds. They therefore bring all their horses together into one mob of up to 2000 horses and entrust them to the care of four young men who take them from pasture to pasture and provide a 24 hour watch against predatory wolves. The horses are taken from early October, and returned to their owners on March 1st. On this day, the herders celebrate the return of their horses, their wealth, with this celebration. This is NOT a tourism event, but rather one of the most genuine nomadic cultural celebrations you’ll ever experience.

We'll then drive north to Khuvsgul Lake where you will experience a beautiful, and unique Ice Festival which is very much  tourism event which will bring together performers and competitors, competing in ice sculptures, wrestling, ice skating, dog sledding, song and dance, horse sleighs and many other traditional events.

All the above make for amazing, and unique photographic opportunities.   Our guides endeavour to cater to your desires as a photographer to capture images in the right light, and the right time, for the best possible images.

Download the brochure