Arkhangai Naadam and Horse Trek


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Duration:  8 Days (customisable)

Cost: USD$550 per person

Tour summary
This tour begins and ends in Ulaanbaatar.   Travel by private driver to Arkhangai, stopping enroute at a region of sand dunes sometimes referred to as 'The Little Gobi' where you can choose to ride camels if interested, and then at Erdene Zuu Monastery in Kharhorin.  Spend 3 days on horseback trekking out into the foothills of the Khangai Mountains and beautiful Tamir River valley, staying with nomadic families each night. Take a rest day after the horse trek, including soaking out your aches and pains in the Tsenkher Hot Springs.  

Two days of Naadam Festival in Arkhangai.   Seeing this provincial capital Naadam Festival gives you an opportunity to see a well produced Opening Ceremony, and all Naadam events – wrestling, archery, horse racing, ankle-bone competitions etc – without having to battle hundreds of thousands of visitors as you do in UB.   Get up close to the action, and get a an experience of a 'real' cultural experience.

Return to UB via Ugii Nuur and the Khar Balgas ruins which date back to around 700 AD.  You will be returned to your UB accommodation.


This tour is entirely customisable to suit your schedule and interests and budget.   Please discuss your individual circumstances with us, and we'll be happy to work with you on your travel plans.

Download the brochure