Winter Events and Festivals 2019

Following is a list of winter events and festivals running across all regions of Mongolia in January - March 2019.  Please contact us for further details, and for assistance in making travel plans, booking drivers, guides and/or accommodations for any of these events.

January 12th.   The Altai Uriankhai Ice festival and Musun Shagai (Ice Bowling) competition.
Bayan-Ulgii Province, Tolbo Lake

January 19th.  Ongi’s Red Lake Ice festival.
Bulgan Province, Mandal-Ovoo soum, Red Lake

January 19-20.  “Tuin river’s chill” winter festival
Bayankhongor province, Tuin river

January 19-20.  Arkhangai Province 'Zay Monastery' Winter Festival.
Arkhangai Province, Tsetserleg city, Bulgan Mountain

January 19-20.  Bulgan Province Musun Shagai (Ice Bowling) Festival
Bulgan Province, Bulgan City

February 4-5. 'Tsagaan Sar' (White Month) Lunar New Year Celebration
Tuv Province, Nuuts Tovchoo Tourist Camp

February 9-10.  Ulgii Province, Khansonor Eagle Festival
Bayan Ulgii Province, Altantsugts soum

February 16-17.  Ulaanbaatar winter festival
Ulaanbaatar, Sky Resort

February 28.  Snow and Reindeer festival
Khuvsgul Province, Renchinlkhumbe soum

March 2-3.  Khuvsgul Lake Blue Pearl Ice Festival
Khuvsgul Province, Khuvsgul Lake, Khatgal soum

March 2-3.  Uvs Province Camel – Ice – Fishing Festival 
Uvs Province, Zavkhan soum, Airag lake and Khyargas lake

March 3-4.  Ulaanbaatar Eagle Festival
Ulaanbaatar City

March 6-7.  South Gobi 1000 Camel Festival
Umnogovi Province, Bulgan soum

March 12.  Tea ceremony of Uzemchin people
Dornod Province, Choibalsan city

1000 Camel Festival 2019