Yak Herding Cultural Experience


In conjunction with the Khangai Mountains Yak Herders Cooperative - Ar Arvijin Delgerekh - we are able to offer a unique experience of staying with, and experiencing life and work with Yak Herding families in Arkhangai.

Contact us to discuss your travel plans, how many days you have available for this experience, any specific interests you have, and we will tailor your trip to suit.  It may include activities including:

  • staying with a number of different herder families
  • help a family pack down, move, and reconstruct their ger
  • comb baby yaks to collect yak down, then spin into yarn
  • milk a yak, and work with the ladies to make traditional dairy products
  • hike from one family to another with your luggage on a yak-drawn ox-cart
  • sewing traditional Mongolian clothing