Traditional Archery


The Mongol Bow is a recurved composite bow, manufactured from bone and wood.  It is as ancient as Mongolian History.  While originally it was used for hunting and protection, in recent times it has become one of the most important elements of the National Naadam Festivals. 

Come out and spend a couple of hours with a local archery competitor, and learn the art of this ancient sport.  Traditional bows and arrows will be provided.  The same targets used in the Naadam Festival will be set up in a beautiful location by Bulgan Mountain, and you can compete against your companions in this unique sport. 

This activity is available to men, women and children, and makes a great family activity.

Transport will be provided from Fairfield to the archery ground.

Costs:  30,000 MNT per person (minimum group size 3 people)