Despite cool and damp weather, Fairfield's inaugural Cultural Festival was a resounding success, with 50+ travellers coming together with a similar number of local folk for a hands-on day celebrating Mongolian culture. Our team of 4 champion wrestlers competed together, then after some brief training, challenged the foreigners in the ring. Our guests had the opportunity to compete in traditional archery, and in anklebone target shooting. A highlight was when our hosts brought in around 200 horses, and drove them, lassoed them, rode the unbroken horses, and displayed incredible horsemanship, with our guests right in amongst the action. We ate freshly-made huushuur, traditional Naadam food, and Mongolian BBQ, and drank airag (fermented mares' milk) and salty milk tea. Thanks to all who participated ... and we'll look forward to hosting this event again in the years ahead.