GPS Tracks


The following library of GPS tracks have been compiled from many different sources.   They are freely downloadable for your use, but we cannot offer any guarantee regarding the standard of the routes.   Please submit your own tracks to be included here, and comments regarding your experience on your own tracks, or those you have used from this library.  We are also endeavouring to include some photographs along the routes recorded. 

Thank you for your contribution towards making this a useful and valuable resource for travellers.  Please email comments, photographs or gps tracks (preferably in .gpx format) to



Fairfield to Tsenkher Hot Springs


Fairfield to Tsenkher Hot Springs via Tsenkher Township

Deer Stone with Cow

Jargalantiin Am Deer Stones Waypoint

Orkhon Waterfall

Fairfield to Orkhon Waterfall Cycling Fig 8 Loop

IMG 3357

Tariat to Tsetserleg Khangai Range Cycling Route

IMG 9794

Fairfield, Shiveet Hot Springs, Tsagaan Dawaa Loop


Valley towards Ider River from Tsetserleg Town

Fairfield to Murun via Ferry

Jargalantyn Am Winter

Fairfield to Murun via Rashant

Snowy Ovoo

Fairfield to Murun via Jargalant


Orkhon River 2

Fairfield to Orkhon Waterfall via Kharkhorin


Fairfield to Orkhon Waterfall Direct


Orkhon Waterfall

Fairfield to Orkhon Waterfall Cycling Fig 8 Loop

IMG 3473

Fairfield to Bayankhongor Blue Lake

Bayan Ulgii

Fairfield to Bayan Ulgii