• Fairfield Guesthouse
    Fairfield Guesthouse
    Comfortable clean rooms
    Fairfield Guesthouse is located in Tsetserleg, in the beautiful province of Arkhangai. We cater particularly to adventure travellers who are looking for a little more comfort after strenuous travel in the wilds of Mongolia.
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  • Fairfield Café & Bakery
    Fairfield Café & Bakery
    Good food. Great coffee!
    Fairfield's cafe serves a range of western meals to treat your tastebuds and remind your stomach of home.
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  • Fairfield Tours
    Fairfield Tours
    Tour Planning
    We will work with you to make arrangements for a tour that suits your interests, your timeframe and your budget. We do not prepare pre-packaged tours, but focus on tailoring tours to suit each group, with their unique requirements.
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  • Explore Mongolia with fully equipped touring bikes
    Explore Mongolia with fully equipped touring bikes
    Mountain Bike Hire
    Explore the wilds of Arkhangai on TREK brand mountain bikes fully equipped with Ortlieb panniers and Bontrager accessories. We can provide a GPS pre-loaded with tracks to guide you on your adventure.
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  • Explore Arkhangai on horseback with experienced guides
    Explore Arkhangai on horseback with experienced guides
    Horse Trekking
    Our horse guides will take you to explore the stunning Khangai Mountains, and experience genuine nomadic lifestyle and culture on your trek.
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  • Fish in a pristine wilderness
    Fish in a pristine wilderness
    Fishing trips
    Let us help you arrange a fishing trip in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Mongolia, in rivers teeming with fish.
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  • Winter tourism
    Winter tourism
    Experience Mongolia in Winter
    Wintertime in Arkhangai can be a stunning time to visit this amazing country ... but knowing you'll be warm and comfortable at Fairfield is essential
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From the Barista

Cafe´ Latte
Flat White
Long Black
Hot chocolate
Lipton tea
Green tea
Fruit tea


Breakfast Menu

Scrambled eggs on toast
French toast
Toast and jam
Oatmeal porridge
Bacon and fried egg sandwich
Full English breakfast






Starters / Sides Menu

Garlic Bread
Fairfield Chips
Onion rings
Garden Salad
Chicken caesar salad








Lunch / Dinner Menu

Fairfield burger
Aussie burger (think big!)
Steak sandwich
Lasagne and chips
Chicken caesar salad
Pastie and chips
Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding
Beef in beer
Pea and ham soup
Spaghetti Bolognese

Aussie Burger NoBackground

Mongolian Menu

Traditional Mongolian vegetable soup
Guriltai Shul
Banshtai Shul



Banshtai shul no background

Vegetarian Menu

Vegetable Lasagne
Fairfield Veggie burger
Veggie pastie
Carrot soup
Lentil soup